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Empire State PHTC is a partnership between two accredited schools of public health: the University at Albany School of Public Health (UA-SPH) and the ...

The phtC-phtD Locus Equips Legionella pneumophila for Thymidine

PhtC equips L. pneumophila to tolerate thymidine limitation. ... 37°C in AYE liquid medium supplemented with 100 μg/ml thymidine, transferred to AYE medium ...

John-Demian (JD) Sauer - Department of Medical Microbiology and

... Swanson MS (2014) The phtC-phtD locus equips Legionella pneumophila for ... Williams CR, Dustin ML, Sauer JD (2013) Inflammasome-mediated inhibition ...

ZO-3, a Novel Member of the MAGUK Protein Family Found at the

The cell density was maintained between 4 × 105 to 2 × 106 cells/ml with viability ..... A cell pellet from a 50-ml culture of pHTc/ZO-3/Sf9 or pHTc/Sf9 cells was ...

Journal of Human Hypertension - Abstract of article: Exercise

31 Oct 2013 ... exercise training (PHET; n=13) or time-control groups (PHTC; n=15). ... ml min− 1 per100 ml tissue and 89.1±7.7 ml min−1 per 100 ml tissue ...

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CT-RI PHTC: From Carpets to Cosmetics: Chemical Risks in Consumer ... Algae' (Cyanobacterial Blooms), Stewart Chute, Ph.D. and Diane M.L. Mas, PhD ...